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So when last I wrote, I was soo excited about running for 5 minutes. Tonight at the gym I ran for no minutes, but walked for 30minutes. The month of February was awful for me, health-wise, because I was sick for probably 20 out of 28 days. I had a horrible cold, thought I was […]

As I said in my last post, we planned on joining a new gym after dealing with too many frustrations at the community centre. We went and joined recently, and I love it. It is a huuuuge improvement – more treadmills, better equipment, no stink, and even a VIEW. The best part is that it’s […]

The Weight Goal


All week, I’m writing about “Mare’s Awesome Plan of Awesomeness”, my quest to achieve four major goals in four months. So far, I’ve told you about the motivation behind my plan and described the four goals. Today, I’m writing about my weight goal. Remember that my weight goal was to be under 200lbs by December […]

I spent the two days last week in motivational interviewing training at work. While the other staff members at the training deal directly with our clients, I work in the admin section, very removed from the one-on-one work. The training was much more applicable for them, but for me, it was a good view into […]



Ever so slowly, I’m getting back on my feet after a rough few weeks mentally and emotionally. I still have a lot of work to do – in fact, I think the hardest parts are yet to come – but I am pleased to be recognizing myself again. The best news recently is that on […]

Last week’s feeling of release and calm didn’t last very long. I had a massive panic attack today. Still not a fan of being a grown-up.

High and Low


Even though I’ve been looking forward to aquafit all week, I won’t be going tomorrow morning. I’ve had a sore throat for a few days now, and it’s stuck around long enough and annoyingly enough that I’ll spend my morning at the walk-in clinic instead. Figures that I was quite healthy the last few months, […]



Great news this morning – the BC Supreme Court has ruled that parts of Canada’s federal drug rules are unconstitutional, as well as granting a constitutional exemption to Insite, Vancouver’s supervised injection site. I love that part of the judge’s ruling was that while the law cannot condone addiction, it also can’t deny addicts from […]

Today, I have a short PSA for all the glasses-wearers who read this blog: go get your glasses adjusted! While we were out running errands today, we stopped in at my optometrists’ and I got my glasses tightened up. It’s probably been 6 month since I’ve had this done, which was long enough to forget […]

Sometimes, we all just need to let loose and bust a move. The Globe and Mail had an article today about a news station in the US which has “Dance Party Fridays” – if there’s no tragic news or traffic accidents, their traffic and weather report starts to shake his booty on camera. The videos […]