Everybody dance now…


Sometimes, we all just need to let loose and bust a move. The Globe and Mail had an article today about a news station in the US which has “Dance Party Fridays” – if there’s no tragic news or traffic accidents, their traffic and weather report starts to shake his booty on camera. The videos are hilarious, but mostly this just got me thinking about relaxing at work.

In every job I’ve had, there have been days where it’s all just too much – projects are piling up, customers are unhappy, the day is never-ending. There have definitely been stressful days at work that would have been made better by just turning the radio on and shakin’ it for a few minutes.

Equally, I think a little dance party is a great celebration of a successful day at work. Yesterday, I got a phone call at work with some great news in response to a project I helped with – as soon as I hung up the phone, I did a little shimmy around the office. Obviously this is made easier by the fact that I’m frequently alone in the office, so the potential for embarrassment is low. Even if there had been a risk of embarrassment, I think I would have danced after that phone call, because I was so thrilled.

So today, for Hump Day, I encourage you all to take a quick break at work, and shake what your mama gave you!


One Response to “Everybody dance now…”

  1. 1 Laura

    Love it! I frequently wish I could shake my tail feather at work šŸ™‚

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