The Weight Goal


All week, I’m writing about “Mare’s Awesome Plan of Awesomeness”, my quest to achieve four major goals in four months. So far, I’ve told you about the motivation behind my plan and described the four goals. Today, I’m writing about my weight goal.

Remember that my weight goal was to be under 200lbs by December 1st. At the beginning of August, I was weighing in around 212lbs. To achieve my goal, I needed to lose approximately 0.75lbs a week, which is a very modest approach to weight loss. In August we were eating a reasonably healthy diet, except that we were supplementing our healthy diet with a lot of junk. For example, breakfast, lunch and dinner would be healthy, but I would eat a junky snack in the afternoon and have a junky dessert after dinner. I was also more sedentary than I had ever been – I sat at a desk at work all day, sat on the couch most nights, and my only real exercise was the walks to and from my bus stops.

One of the changes I wanted to make to achieve this goal was to start making a healthy meal plan every week. To save money, we had been meal planning most weeks, but we weren’t really thinking our plans through. We would throw a plan together right before we left for the grocery store, and usually our eye was to convenience and cost, rather than health or balance. I wanted to make meal planning more of a priority so that we could eat healthful, balanced meals that weren’t repetitive or costly. Our meal plans have improved hugely over the last four months.

I also had some fitness ideas to help with this goal, and they were only moderately successful. The Hundred Pushup Challenge started off well, but I found it increased too rapidly, which was frustrating. Frustration does NOT lead to success for me! I started Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred at the beginning of November, which was going GREAT until I hurt myself (I had a bad fall), had to take a week off to heal, started the 30DS again, and then hurt myself again. Sometimes I think my middle name should be Klutz.

As of Nov 30th, I weigh 209lbs. This is actually a loss of 5 pounds in 4 months, because I gained up to 214 from my August weight of 212lbs. I’m actively choosing to be excited about this, instead of sad that I didn’t reach my goal. I’ve learned to take care of myself so much better in the last 4 months, and that will truly help me take the weight off slowly and keep it off. I’m eating more intuitively, making sleep a priority, taking time to relax, and most importantly, not beating myself up over every little thing I do.

PS: I was looking back at some posts from this time last year, when I was starting the Best Life Diet. That ended up not working out so well for me, but when I think of what I’ve been changing since August… it’s the same things listed in Phase 1 that I blogged about here! Breakfast every day, three meals and a snack every day, more activity, not eating much after dinner, and cutting down on alcohol. All I need to do is add in a multivitamin and I’m a BLD Phase 1 star without even trying!


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