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As I said in my last post, we planned on joining a new gym after dealing with too many frustrations at the community centre. We went and joined recently, and I love it. It is a huuuuge improvement – more treadmills, better equipment, no stink, and even a VIEW. The best part is that it’s […]

An early start


Rosy cheeks Originally uploaded by marianne.h I got started on Operation Quality of Life 2009 tonight. Adam and I got changed and drove up to the community centre after dinner to check out their gym. It’s significantly cheaper than most gyms in Vancouver, but wasn’t lacking in equipment. Half an hour on the elliptical showed […]

My Awesome Plan of Awesomeness has been over for two weeks now, and I’m taking December “off” from all the Awesome. In January, I’ll be starting up round two of the Awesome, hopefully with some support and company from my cousin! (Oooh L, did you see how I suckered you into that? ;)) December is […]



I went to aquacize yesterday, and it was AWESOME. I had a ton of fun, and the class was a nice workout. I’ve only ever done deep water aquacize before, with a float belt, so doing it in shallow water was a completely different experience. The pool is the longest one in Canada (137m!) and […]



In an effort to get healthier, Adam and I are trying to get out for some sort of exercise in the evenings. A while back, he bought us cheap tennis rackets on a whim. He hasn’t played tennis since… Grade 6? … and I’ve pretty much never played. We went and hit a ball around […]

This blog post originally appeared at Practice Living and may not be reproduced without permission. Don’t be a blog-scraping jerk. … but I still hate it. I finally went from “maybe almost sick”, as I had described last week, to full-on, ass-on-the-couch-all-day, box-of-kleenex-a-day, SICK. Every time I get sick like this, I am truly amazed […]

In honour of the kickoff of their new Body Image section, BlogHer has put out a call for letters to our bodies. The letters posted so far have been heartwarming and heartbreaking. You can read other bloggers letters to their bodies from the list at BlogHer. This is my letter to my body, which may […]

Okay, here’s the truth about my Take a Guess post! Most of you were spot on in the upper 190s, low 200s. I’ve been fluctuating between 196-202 since this time last year. One thing I found really interesting is that the guesses that were wrong were off by 15-30lbs, down in the 170s. I hadn’t […]

Okay, at least 18 people have looked at my Take a Guess post… and yet there are NO guesses! It takes two seconds to comment, and there will be no judgment from me about your guesses! I’m just curious, after all. So – get your butts down to yesterday’s post and GUESS!

Take a Guess!


Okay folks I want to try a little experiment. I *think* I’ve removed all easily found, obvious references to my weight from the blog. Now I want you to guess! I want to do this, and see your responses, because I have no idea what I look like. The person I see in the mirror, […]