The Awesome Plan


My Awesome Plan of Awesomeness has been over for two weeks now, and I’m taking December “off” from all the Awesome. In January, I’ll be starting up round two of the Awesome, hopefully with some support and company from my cousin! (Oooh L, did you see how I suckered you into that? ;)) December is all about evaluating how the first plan went and deciding what I want to accomplish next!

So here’s the final tally:

  • As of Dec 1st, I weighed 209lbs. That’s a loss of 3lbs from my original MAPA plan, but 5lbs overall. My habits in general have improved significantly.
  • My credit card is a little over 40% paid off, and I have a strong plan to finish it off.
  • I got a fantastic new job which has improved my quality of life dramatically.
  • We didn’t move, but that’s okay!
  • My BCIT mark went up this week, and I came out of the class with 86%, which beats my goal by 11%!

All in all, I’m calling the Awesome a success. I’ve learned so much since August, and I feel so optimistic about what 2009 will bring!


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