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So when last I wrote, I was soo excited about running for 5 minutes. Tonight at the gym I ran for no minutes, but walked for 30minutes. The month of February was awful for me, health-wise, because I was sick for probably 20 out of 28 days. I had a horrible cold, thought I was […]

As I said in my last post, we planned on joining a new gym after dealing with too many frustrations at the community centre. We went and joined recently, and I love it. It is a huuuuge improvement – more treadmills, better equipment, no stink, and even a VIEW. The best part is that it’s […]

Part of my approach to Operation Quality of Life 2009 is that it is completely okay for me to change my goals as the weeks, months, and year goes on. I don’t want to feel badly about these goals; I’d rather they feel doable and exciting and real. The first few days of January, I […]

An early start


Rosy cheeks Originally uploaded by marianne.h I got started on Operation Quality of Life 2009 tonight. Adam and I got changed and drove up to the community centre after dinner to check out their gym. It’s significantly cheaper than most gyms in Vancouver, but wasn’t lacking in equipment. Half an hour on the elliptical showed […]

Yesterday, I told you that in early August, I made a plan. I was tired of living my life passively and decided to take control of my life and my goals. This week marks 4 months since I started my plan, and I’m going to use this week to describe my plan and how it […]

I spent the two days last week in motivational interviewing training at work. While the other staff members at the training deal directly with our clients, I work in the admin section, very removed from the one-on-one work. The training was much more applicable for them, but for me, it was a good view into […]

Wii Like It


For my birthday, Adam tried to get me Wii Fit. He had us on a pre-order list and everything, but the store he had ordered through let too many people pre-order, and we were out of luck. Since the Wii Fit was released in late May, he’s been trying hard to find us a copy. […]



I went to aquacize yesterday, and it was AWESOME. I had a ton of fun, and the class was a nice workout. I’ve only ever done deep water aquacize before, with a float belt, so doing it in shallow water was a completely different experience. The pool is the longest one in Canada (137m!) and […]

Picture the lemur king from Madagascar singing that post title. Here’s the thing – I do enjoy many forms of exercise! Shocker, I know. I grew up dancing and playing softball (both for 12ish years), spent much of high school playing basketball, and I’ve occasionally played recreational or intermural volleyball, slo-pitch, and indoor and outdoor […]



In an effort to get healthier, Adam and I are trying to get out for some sort of exercise in the evenings. A while back, he bought us cheap tennis rackets on a whim. He hasn’t played tennis since… Grade 6? … and I’ve pretty much never played. We went and hit a ball around […]