The first 10 days.


Part of my approach to Operation Quality of Life 2009 is that it is completely okay for me to change my goals as the weeks, months, and year goes on. I don’t want to feel badly about these goals; I’d rather they feel doable and exciting and real.

The first few days of January, I was great with getting in my 30 minutes a day of exercise. Then the New Year’s Resolutioners showed up at the community centre, and now we can’t get parking. Now we’re on the hunt for a new gym! As a result, I’ve adapted my exercise goal to be 3 times a week in January, 4 times a week in February, and 6 times a week in March.

The meal planning is going really well. Planning healthy meals for most of the week helped work around our night at the bar on Friday, where it was all nachos and mixed drinks. We even saved a little on our grocery bill last week because of smart planning! I’m excited to sit down today and make our plan for the week ahead.

I had a payday last week, and the first thing I did was move $100 from it onto my VISA. My RRSP contribution comes out of my account automatically, and not til the second half of the month, so I’m covered there, too.

I’ve been reading ads almost daily, looking for an apartment. We also accidentally walked one of the neighbourhoods we like the other night. No winners yet, but I’m optimistic!

I’ve been doing great with getting 8+ hours of sleep a night, but I just can’t keep up with 365 pictures right now. I’m going to amend that goal and reconsider starting it on my birthday (in May). I’d like to replace it with another, more achievable goal, but I’m a little stumped. Any suggestions?

All in all, I feel like I’m off to a great start to a great year.


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