the goals.

You can read more about my Operation Quality of Life 2009 goals by reading through the OQOL 2009 category. As the year goes on, I will also be adding more information about each goal, my progress, and valuable resources to this page.


  1. Improve health and fitness by making lasting lifestyle changes
  2. Create a solid financial foundation for the future by eliminating debt and improving savings.
  3. Move to an apartment that meets our lifestyle needs and promotes accomplishment of our goals through decluttering and organization.
  4. Focus on self-care by fostering fun hobbies, prioritizing relaxation and β€œme time,” and seeking counselling for personal and family concerns.


  1. Get moving for 30 minutes,3-6 days a week. (Examples: walks, Wii Fit, 30 Day Shred, gym dates, dancing, etc.). Make a healthy meal plan weekly.
  2. Pay off VISA card by depositing at least $100 from each paycheque. Continue making RRSP contribution ($25/month).
  3. Remove 100 items from the apartment through donation or recycling. Start reading ads (weekly) and walking the neighbourhoods we like (monthly).
  4. Prioritize 8 hours of sleep per night.

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