I went to aquacize yesterday, and it was AWESOME. I had a ton of fun, and the class was a nice workout. I’ve only ever done deep water aquacize before, with a float belt, so doing it in shallow water was a completely different experience. The pool is the longest one in Canada (137m!) and a salt water pool. The salt water part was a neat experience, except for when I was floating on my back and accidentally dunked myself! That was a little gross.

The only downside is that I didn’t listen to the instructor as well as I might have, especially when she kept repeating “make sure you are running/stepping with your heel first!” I spent too much time on my toes, and my calves are screaming today. Walking is uncomfortable, and stairs are unbearable. If I walk around for a bit, it’s less bad; if I sit for a while and then walk around, it’s agony.

Given my gimpiness today, I took it easy, spending the day with my family. My parents came over for the day and we all went to see Spamalot. It was hilarious and a generally great production. I’ve been humming one of the songs all evening and only refrained from dancing around because of the tension in my calves.

All in all – definitely try out aquacize, but LISTEN to the instructor!


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