Take a Guess!


Okay folks I want to try a little experiment. I *think* I’ve removed all easily found, obvious references to my weight from the blog.

Now I want you to guess!

I want to do this, and see your responses, because I have no idea what I look like. The person I see in the mirror, in my mind, in photos, when I look down… it’s all different. So I’m trying to get a better understanding of what I look like to the world and how people see me.

So here’s what I’d like from you – please comment with your guess of what I weigh. It will only take a second, and I’ll appreciate it a LOT! Pictures are below the jump, and I’m 5’8.

Halloween 2007.

Summer 2007 -I’m on the right, duh.

Later in Summer 2007.


14 Responses to “Take a Guess!”

  1. 199

  2. How tall are you? I’m really bad at this game, but my guess would be 175.

  3. Yeah, without knowing height, I’m lost. If you are 5’1″, its a totally different number than if you’re 6’1″!!!

  4. 5 Marianne

    Sorry, thought I had my height in there! I’ve edited to add it in – I’m 5’8.

  5. 6 Laura


  6. 7 Nolan

    hmm, probally between 175- 180?

  7. 8 Caitlin

    mo I think you’ve told me before so I might be biased.. but I’m going to guess around 175ish??

    you look soooo cute in the halloween pic!

  8. 9 twofifteenandgo

    Hmm… I’d go along with the 198/199/200 posters. You’re a bit taller than me but have a similar build, though I think I carry more boob-weight 🙂 PS is the sweater in the 1st pic from Old Navy? It looks suspiciously similar to one I own! I saw another girl in it once, but she was……. wearing it as a dress. Seriously. with a pair of leggings.

  9. I’m going with 173.

  10. 11 Marianne

    Cait – Bwahaha some day. 😀 I think that’s about what I weighed in late 2004?

    Jaime – it IS from Old Navy! I can’t imagine wearing it as a dress, unless I wanted to show the world my cooter. It only comes to my mid-low hips! I’m also surprised at the boob-weight comment – I’m a 38G!

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