The human body is truly amazing…


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… but I still hate it.

I finally went from “maybe almost sick”, as I had described last week, to full-on, ass-on-the-couch-all-day, box-of-kleenex-a-day, SICK. Every time I get sick like this, I am truly amazed at the amount of mucous the human body can produce. Disgusting.

I’ve gone through probably 20L of water in 2.5days, plus 3L of ginger ale mixed with 2L of orange/strawberry/banana juice. Otherwise, my diet has consisted of alphaghetti (total comfort food, plus it’s easy on throat and tummy), toast and the occasional strawberry.

So far, all my plans for the week have gone out the window – I left work early on Tuesday, didn’t go in yesterday or today, and tomorrow is looking iffy. I skipped Brownies last night. I really really really want to be healthy for Saturday, so I can go to the yoga lesson and dinner party I am supposed to attend.

The one victory in all this is that it has been a huge lesson in eating intuitively. For a long while, I was listening to my body’s cries for fruit and liquids, as it fought to avoid the sick. Then I went home for the weekend and stopped listening so well. Came back, and sure enough, here I am, sick! So since I’ve been sick, I’ve been listening closely to my body and only feeding it when I’m truly hungry (not much) and what I seem to truly want. The only non-negotiable part of this is the high liquid intake – I just want to flush this sick OUT.

So as much as this sucks, at least I’m learning from it!


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