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Vancouver has had a week or two now of seriously Wintery weather. For a city that normally considers 10C “cold”, the snow and temperatures in the negatives have been a bit of a shocker. Personally, I love the snow, but it’s becoming very apparent that our city just can’t handle it. This weekend, a woman […]

People suck


The mayor of Port Coquitlam makes me really angry. This man has plead guilty to assaulting his ex-girlfriend and her partner, but has refused to step down as mayor. This is bad enough on its own, but made worse because he claims to be a proponent of safer communities. My vision of safer communities is […]

Change of Mind


After skipping aquafit last weekend in favour of going to the walk-in clinic, I was working myself into a serious snit. I was grumpy about missing something I enjoy, about getting sick, about being without insurance. I was getting whiney, and generally unpleasant to be around. Happily, the rest of the week has been a […]

A woman on my bus this morning told me that I was “selfish” for not magically getting out of her way when the bus stopped suddenly as she was moving past me. Then she told me that that’s why I’m fat. No snappy comeback from me because I was too busy thinking “who SAYS that?” […]



Great news this morning – the BC Supreme Court has ruled that parts of Canada’s federal drug rules are unconstitutional, as well as granting a constitutional exemption to Insite, Vancouver’s supervised injection site. I love that part of the judge’s ruling was that while the law cannot condone addiction, it also can’t deny addicts from […]

I’m just getting ready to head to work for the day… but I don’t want to! We’re having a heavy thunderstorm, which is very unusual in Vancouver. There was a massive, long clap of thunder around 12:20 this morning, which sounds like it woke up half the city! I’ve never heard thunder that loud. It’s […]

Yesterday, I posted a shout-out to anyone who visited my blog from Stimey’s DC Metro Moms post. She had linked to me because I suggested that she donate her wedding dress to a charity like Brides Against Breast Cancer or The Brides’ Project. It would be easy to donate a dress to a thrift shop […]

Props: Rangoli


Hi to anyone who has come this way from Stimey’s post on DC Metro Moms. Thanks for the link, Stimey! This is probably one of my favourite restaurants in Vancouver. The prices are reasonable and the food is unbelievably tasty. Rangoli is owned by Vikram Vij, and is next to his more well-known restaurant, Vij’s. […]



First, a picture that reminds me how much I love this city. City, ocean, mountains… it’s love, I tell ya. This was a few weeks ago, as I was walking home from the bus stop – the fog was rolling in, and the mountains were just peeking out to say hello. Adam and I are […]

It’s snowing. In Vancouver. On March 28th. You have GOT to be kidding me, climate. Fuck. Edit:  Also, I realise that if it were snowing in Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb I would be giddy about it. It’s MARCH, however, and the end of March. It’s SPRING. There are flowers. There should not be snow.