First, a picture that reminds me how much I love this city. City, ocean, mountains… it’s love, I tell ya. This was a few weeks ago, as I was walking home from the bus stop – the fog was rolling in, and the mountains were just peeking out to say hello.


Adam and I are members at Vancouver Aquarium. We both love it to bits, and the memberships have been worth every single penny. We go every 4-6 weeks, at least, for 2-3hours at a time. We’ve been lucky that there have been a few new exhibits this year (bats! frogs! marmosets!), but every visit still has us finding new things in old exhibits.

dark and light

The Amazon exhibit was especially hot and steamy today, and the parrot was having a grand ol’ time on this branch.


The frog exhibit is brand new, as the Aquarium participates in the Amphibian Ark, a program of zoos and aquariums which works to save the frogs. Climate change, pollution, development, and other human impacts are causing more and more frog populations to die. This is especially bad when some species (bullfrogs) are overtaking at-risk populations. Save the froggies, like this little guy, who is the size of my thumbnail.


This is Nyack, one of the otters in that hit YouTube video of otters holding hands. Nyack is an Exxon Valdez survivor, and one of our absolute favourite things about the Aquarium. For Adam’s birthday, we did a “trainer tour” and got to feed one of her buddies, Milo. Today we visited them just before their late-morning snack, and Nyack was having a snooze. This picture was taken as the trainers were trying to wake her to come eat, and she was clearing doing the “jeeeez Ma, five more minutes!”


And last, my love, watching the moon jellies. Life is good, people. Life is good.


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