Baby it’s cold outside!


Vancouver has had a week or two now of seriously Wintery weather. For a city that normally considers 10C “cold”, the snow and temperatures in the negatives have been a bit of a shocker. Personally, I love the snow, but it’s becoming very apparent that our city just can’t handle it.

This weekend, a woman burned to death on the street after the candle she was using to keep warm ignited her shopping cart of belongings. On Friday, a man on my bus was wrapped in a damp sleeping bag, taking to the guy beside me about how he couldn’t find a shelter last night – they were all full, and he didn’t know where the extreme weather emergency shelters were. Another woman in the suburbs froze to death after falling outside her home.

I have been saying frequent prayers of thanks for a roof over my head, a job that pays my bills, and food in my cupboards.

Today I also said a prayer of thanks that our new mayor gets that this is just not acceptable for a city of Vancouver’s calibre. We can and should do better for our residents – all of them.


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