Operation Quality of Life 2009


(*Okay so I shamelessly stole the name idea from my cousin Laura. I owe Laura huge thanks for helping me figure all this out and set my goals. Thanks lady!)

After the semi-success of Mare’s Awesome Plan of Awesomeness, I decided to go a little bigger for 2009. I’m not doing New Year’s resolutions this year – I’m setting long-term goals that will help me reach my longER-term goals. If I want to build a good life, a good marriage, a good family, a good career, then my lifestyle needs to change significantly. I’m not a university student anymore, I need to stop living like one!

Operation Quality of Life 2009 has a few parts. First, my overall 2009 goals – where I want to be this time next year. Second, every 3 months or so, I’m going to have a set of mini-goals, similar to MAPA. These goals are going to support my overall 2009 goals, while focusing in more on something specific that I want or need to change in my lifestyle.


  1. Improve health and fitness by making lasting lifestyle changes
  2. Create a solid financial foundation for the future by eliminating debt and improving savings.
  3. Move to an apartment that meets our lifestyle needs and promotes accomplishment of our goals through decluttering and organization.
  4. Focus on self-care by fostering fun hobbies, prioritizing relaxation and “me time,” and seeking counselling for personal and family concerns.


  1. Get moving for 30 minutes per day (walks, Wii Fit, 30 Day Shred, gym dates, dancing, etc.). Make a healthy meal plan weekly.
  2. Pay off VISA card by depositing at least $100 from each paycheque. Continue making RRSP contribution ($25/month).
  3. Remove 100 items from the apartment through donation or recycling. Start reading ads (weekly) and walking the neighbourhoods we like (monthly).
  4. Begin 365 photo project with new camera. Prioritize 8 hours of sleep per night.

In 2009 I want to start laying out a foundation for a good life by getting healthy in all aspects of my lifestyle – from physical and mental health to finances and beyond. I don’t expect perfection and I do expect setbacks, but mostly I expect myself to try, to make conscious decisions, to push myself and respect myself.

Over the next few days, I’m going to write about why and how I choose the goals I’ve chosen for OQOL 2009. The process of choosing and wording these goals has been really interesting to me. Having a few people to bounce my ideas off of was a huge help, because their input made me think harder and go deeper into why I want to achieve these goals in particular and what exactly “achieving these goals” will mean and look like. I am so very grateful for all the input I’ve received and I welcome any other feedback people want to offer.

This is going to be so much fun!


One Response to “Operation Quality of Life 2009”

  1. Improve health and fitness by making lasting lifestyle changes that is one of my goals also.

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