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The New Job


In August, I was working at a great job for a non-profit whose work I really believe in. I liked the people I worked with, the flexible hours, the fun environment. What I didn’t like was the pay – it was a small organization and there just wasn’t a lot of money. What had been […]

My credit card limit is low, but at the end of August, it was almost maxed out. When I first got my credit card, I was a pro at it – spent very little on it, paid it off immediately. Then I slowly began to have more expenses, less time, less ‘free’ money, and a […]

At the end of August, I signed up for a course through BCIT. I’m pursuing an associate’s certificate in non-profit management through them, and decided to take a class on human resource management. My goal for the class was to get better than 75% overall, and on each of my assignments. Well I did better […]

High and Low


Even though I’ve been looking forward to aquafit all week, I won’t be going tomorrow morning. I’ve had a sore throat for a few days now, and it’s stuck around long enough and annoyingly enough that I’ll spend my morning at the walk-in clinic instead. Figures that I was quite healthy the last few months, […]

TGU: Wow.


Weeks after I had intended to do it, I’m tackling the office for The Great Unclutter. Oh my lord, it is going to be a big job! Everything that doesn’t have a home seems to end up in here, as well as a few boxes that haven’t been unpacked in ages. Like, since I moved […]

I still need to follow up on last weekend and my Great Unclutter progress, but there’s no time! Uncluttering has been low on the priorities list this week, with work, school and preparing for our trip taking precedence. I’ve done about a billion loads of laundry, run errands, worked on assignments, barely seen Adam, and […]

I am back on track, folks! YAHOO! I filled two garbage bags with 55 items of clothing. Fifty-five! I didn’t realise I had this much clothing lying around that I wasn’t wearing. The rules served me well, and I went through things pretty quickly. I was shocked, once again, at how much I have hauled […]

Yesterday, I posted a shout-out to anyone who visited my blog from Stimey’s DC Metro Moms post. She had linked to me because I suggested that she donate her wedding dress to a charity like Brides Against Breast Cancer or The Brides’ Project. It would be easy to donate a dress to a thrift shop […]

TGU, Week 1


The first week of The Great Unclutter is over, and was a great success. I met my goal of 35 items easily, and got one room of our apartment whipped into shape. All that remains in there is a quick wipe-down of the tabletops, and a run through with the vacuum, and the living room […]



I ‘m following the Hundred Day Head Start. The premise is that, instead of waiting for the new year to make a resolution, you make that change. Now. My hundred day head start goal is simple: minimum 30 minutes of exercise, every day, with a blog update at least once a week on my progress. […]