Week 5: Clothing, Shoes and Things, Oh my!


I am back on track, folks! YAHOO!

I filled two garbage bags with 55 items of clothing. Fifty-five! I didn’t realise I had this much clothing lying around that I wasn’t wearing. The rules served me well, and I went through things pretty quickly. I was shocked, once again, at how much I have hauled around through all my moves over the last few years. There were clothes that I know I haven’t worn in over two years!

One of the things that surprised me, although I’m not sure why, was the amount of clothing I kept in the size smaller than I wear right now. Now that they’re out of the house, I realise how much of a drain they were on my energies – they were a tangible example of how much I have been living in the past in regards to my body. Whether I lose weight in the future or not, my body right now is my body, and I need to dress it appropriately. Getting rid of the size-too-small clothes will give me the room in my closet to have the things I truly love for the body I have today.

The motivation to get the clothes out this week was a Spring Cleanup promotion at our local IKEA. If you brought two garbage bags of donatable clothing for Big Brothers, you got a coupon for $50 off a $150+ purchase. We were out there at opening this morning, and picked up a pretty new bed. The coupon meant that we’re getting free delivery, basically. Hooray for helping a charity, decluttering, AND getting a bargain!

I also moved on 4 pairs of shoes to the great shoe store in the sky, because they were just too worn to keep wearing.

That means that this week’s total is 59 items, which takes me ahead of my goal!


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