High and Low


Even though I’ve been looking forward to aquafit all week, I won’t be going tomorrow morning. I’ve had a sore throat for a few days now, and it’s stuck around long enough and annoyingly enough that I’ll spend my morning at the walk-in clinic instead. Figures that I was quite healthy the last few months, and this month, the month I am without extended insurance, I get sick. I mostly feel fine – a little congested, though – but the sore throat is just making me crazy. Please let it be something minor that needs no drugs, over-the-counter drugs or a really cheap prescription. Please please!

On a better note, I spent my Friday evening eating good sushi, listening to my brother DJ, and chatting with friends. Adam and I came home and watched a movie, and now it’s off to bed. Blissful!

Edit: Survey says…. sinus infection! The doc thinks I’m just at the beginning of it, so wants to give it til Monday to clear on its own, and if I’m the same/worse on Monday, I have a prescription for antibiotics..


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