Props: Rangoli


Hi to anyone who has come this way from Stimey’s post on DC Metro Moms. Thanks for the link, Stimey!

This is probably one of my favourite restaurants in Vancouver. The prices are reasonable and the food is unbelievably tasty. Rangoli is owned by Vikram Vij, and is next to his more well-known restaurant, Vij’s. Every time I’ve tried to go to Vij’s, the wait has been far too long, so I’ve popped next door to Rangoli.

This week, a friend was visiting from out of town, and we needed a restaurant that could feed two vegetarians, one flexitarian (me), and one meat lover. We ended up at Rangoli, and we were all delighted. We shared samosas, warm little bundles of goodness with just the right amount of spiciness. I had a chicken dish which was perfectly balanced, spicy and tender. Even better, it was made with locally-sourced chicken!

As I was doing my morning scan of the paper online, I came across an article written by Vij. He writes about eating less as a means to lessen our impact on the world, and shares two recipes that sound yummy. In the context of global warming and food shortages, perhaps this is one more small change we can all participate in. I don’t take this to mean dieting – far from it. Rather, I see it as an approach to food that involves choosing to take only what we know we can finish, and then going for seconds if we are still hungry. To me, that is one more argument for a shift to more intuitive eating and listening to our bodily cues.

So if you’re in Vancouver, and you are either too impatient or too broke for Vij’s, just walk next door and eat at Rangoli. You won’t be disappointed.


2 Responses to “Props: Rangoli”

  1. 1 Laura

    Ooo, I’m definitely going to try this place now when I’m over at your end of the country this summer. 🙂 I like the article, quite poignant. Good find!

    Also, I like your term, “flexitarian”. It fits me well 🙂 haha

  2. 2 Stimey

    And thank YOU for the tips on dress donation!

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