I am very, very proud to announce that I have accomplished one of my Operation Quality of Life 2009 goals!

My VISA card is now paid off!



4 Responses to “SUCCESS!”

  1. Mazel tov. It’s an amazing feeling isn’t it. So what are you going to go out and buy now??

  2. 2 Laura

    Yay!! Good for you!
    I was thinking today that I need to get back into OQOL… I have sadly been neglecting it and that may very well be resulting in this bummy mood I’ve been in lately.
    Thanks for the reminder and way to go!

  3. 3 Marianne

    BBG – No big purchases for me yet. Next goal is to put more in my savings account, then I can start saving for the fun stuff!

    Laura – You’re still going to pottery, right? That was one of your OQOL goals! Just keep at it. 🙂

  4. 4 Laura

    That’s true. It was one of my goals. Thanks for the reminder 🙂
    I am finished my handbuilding class and have started the wheel class now. Next time I think about it at home, I’ll email you pictures of some of the things I made in handbuilding. 🙂

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