Yummy in my tummy


Lately, we’ve tried to have special dinners on Sunday nights, where we set the dining room table, light some candles, and eat something extra delicious. It gets us out of our usual, rushed, eating-at-the-coffee-table rut that is so typical of week nights. We both come home from work exhausted (especially because I have a 45min commute to and from work) and just try to throw dinner together as quickly as possible. Sundays, though, we have all the time in the world. Sitting down together really helps wrap up the weekend and gives us a few moments to just put the rest of the world on pause.

Tonight we made one of our new favourite recipes – lemon pasta. I found the recipe on the Technicolor Kitchen blog months ago, and we only made it recently. It’s a little more expensive of a meal than we would normally make, because of the fresh parmesan, but it’s a great meal for Sunday night treats!

The lemons make it fresh and chockful of vitamin C, while the cheese packs it full of protein, which makes up for this being meatless, in Adam’s opinion. While it is a little high in fat and sodium, the vitamins, minerals and protein make me happy to eat this as a once-in-a-while treat – just right for Sunday nights!


One Response to “Yummy in my tummy”

  1. I haven’t made that dish in ages! I’m so glad to know you liked it!

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