Since our bed incident last Sunday, I have been having a hard week. My mum asked me for the short version before I detailed what was going on, and the best I could do was ask “who made me a grown up without asking my permission?”

We fixed our bed, after spending $70 at IKEA for another part for the bed. From there on out, it was one thing after another. Some were little annoyances, others were nearly catastrophes. By Thursday I felt like I had a 50/50 chance of falling asleep or bursting into tears at work.

Friday morning before work, I packed a small suitcase, and headed home to my parents. I felt silly, running home to mum and dad when life got hard, but now I am so glad I did. I spent Friday night in a pub with a girlfriend, talking over drinks. My parents came home from vacation on Friday night, and we spent the weekend talking about their holiday, looking through their photos, running errands and doing house- and yardwork. It was mellow and comforting. I got to talk some things through with my mum, who is one of my best supports and sounding boards.

Now I’m back in Vancouver, rested, relaxed, and feeling released from last week’s craziness. I’m still anxious about some issues, but I feel more prepared to handle them and find their solutions. I’m determined to make some little changes, and hopeful about their consequences!


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