Last night, our bed broke.

We had both gone to bed early – before 10 – and Adam was starting to fall asleep. I was still up, engrossed in my current book, Wizard’s First Rule by Terry Goodkind. We had noticed before bed that one of the metal pieces under the bed had come undone, but figured it wasn’t a big deal.

Then Adam rolled over to get out of bed, and that’s when we heard the clank, and my side of the bed went down hard. Adam caught me before I tumbled out, and helped me ever-so-gingerly get out. On went the lights, and we hauled the mattress and boxspring off our bedframe. Both the metal pieces that balance the boxspring on our bedframe had popped off the teeny tiny screws that are supposed to hold them in. We spent a while trying to fix it, with me swearing a blue streak and getting all “why god whyyyyyy?” It was getting later, we were both tired and now incredibly frustrated, so we put the boxspring back on the frame, and threw the mattress on the floor.

Once we got back under the covers, I burst out laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation. Adam’s going to try to get something to fix the frame with tonight, and I’m hoping it works. The mattress-on-floor idea worked, but I’m exhausted today.

For the record, we’ve got an IKEA Apselund bed frame, and I gather from my Googling that what happened to us is not an uncommon issue with this frame. Crap.


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