Responsibility can bite me


My cheque came in yesterday’s mail. I have decided to go with the most responsible choice and use it to help pay down my credit card. I’d really like to get it paid off as soon as possible, and this will get me moving in the right direction.

I have plenty of money saved for our trip to Portland this weekend, so another $100 would really just be excessive. There isn’t much I could buy for our household that would be ‘green’ – we’re already switching our lightbulbs to CFLs as they burn out, we already recycle, and many other ‘green’ options aren’t workable because we’re renters.

That left the decision to debt or a pedicure and bottle of wine, and as much as I would love the pampering, I just can’t justify it. On my way home tonight, I’ll go deposit the cheque and direct it straight to my credit card.

Maybe my GST cheque next month will be enough for a pedicure…


One Response to “Responsibility can bite me”

  1. 1 Laura

    “Responsibility can bite me”??? That’s the mature cousin I know and love 😉
    Sounds like you made a wise choice… don’t you just hate it when that happens?

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