Help me decide!


When I get my $100 cheque from the government sometime soon, how should I spend it?

The options are:

  1. Be a good grown-up and use it to pay down my credit card.
  2. Add it to my Portland fun-money.
  3. Use it as it’s intended and buy something “green” for our household.
  4. Get a pedicure and a bottle of wine.

What do I do, internets?


3 Responses to “Help me decide!”

  1. 1 Academic Pointillism

    I’m in the same dilemma! I’ll either put it towards saving for a sexy pair of shoes, or be responsible and pay down the credit card. We looked at the list of “green” suggestions in with the cheque and we’ve either done everything (and more, if you count the car) or have no control over the rest…

    Will was all Ooooh… two hundred whole dollars but then when I suggested we put it towards ikea furniture he said “well, I don’t know what I want to do with my $100” šŸ˜› brat!

    I think, though, my vote from that list is for spending money. Go do something you wouldn’t have afforded, like a nice meal, or a tourist attraction.

  2. 2 zinkemomx2

    I’m currently voting for a mani and pedi. I’ve never had one before and I have recently decided to keep my nails painted. I wanna know how nice they would look like if someone else did them. *sings* I feel pretty. Oh so pretty.

  3. 3 Marianne

    Ohhh good reasoning, Jen and Zinkemom! My cheque came today and I still can’t decide!

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