Now that I’m back from mini-vacation #1, a crazy busy week in Vancouver, and a trip home for Father’s Day, it’s time to buckle back down with The Great Unclutter. It’s been abandoned significantly, and without some serious decluttering, I won’t reach my original goal of 350 items by Canada Day.

I’m not too concerned about my original goal anymore, because I’ve learned that this is a much bigger undertaking and a much longer process than I had imagined. This isn’t just about clutter – it’s about why I surround myself with clutter, how I choose to spend my time and money, what makes me feel comfortable, what makes me feel inspired… the list goes on. This all goes much deeper mentally than I expected. It’s not as simple as just trash/donate/recycle/keep, and I need to allow myself the time and space to work through the complexities behind my packrat ways.

To reinspire me to get back to The Great Unclutter, I went trolling through my Flickr favourites and other random Flickr photos to make a little inspiration board. I don’t love all of these images, but they each have something – a colour, texture, structure or feeling – that feels like what I want in my dream home. This board is a nice reminder of what I like, what makes me feel good, but also a really good kick in the pants. My current place? Total opposite of all of these! These images all make me feel the one thing that my current place doesn’t – CALM. I want a home that is a place of calm, tranquility, coziness, and comfort, and these images evoke that for me.

1. A mermaid was here, 2. Save the last dance for me, 3. Spring inspired shelfs, 4. brave., 5. a roll in the hay, 6. Oak Alley, 7. I’m Tired, But Happy, 8. Emily’s Wee Office, 9. dining*room*table, 10. Guest bedroom, 11. Kitchen / Breakfast Nook, 12. Dunnigan Hills, 13. Corridoio d’Incurvatura, 14. white rose, 15. Rockhouse Jamaica, 16. bookshelf

What inspires you about your living spaces? How do you decide what comes in and stays in those spaces?


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