How to make the switch?


The government of Canada is set to announce bisphenol A (BPA) as a dangerous chemical later this week. The Globe and Mail has an article outlining the details.

I’ve been following this whole saga with some interest, because I’m a big Nalgene bottle user. I almost always have one in my purse, and keep one on my desk at work all the time. I watched as Mountain Equipment Co-op and Lululemon, two big Canadian “lifestyle” chains, pulled polycarbonate bottles off their shelves. I had mostly decided that, until there was more information, I would continue using the bottles I owned, and just not buy any more of them.

Now that the government is listing it as dangerous/toxic, I’m rethinking this. Maybe the time to switch to other bottles is now, not when my Nalgenes bite the dust. I’ve heard good things about Sigg and Klean Kanteen, and I’m continuing to look for other alternatives.

This is all well and good, but I have a concern that I haven’t seen addressed anywhere – what do I do with my Nalgenes now? If BPA is as much of a toxin as it seems, do I really want to send products containing it to the landfill or recycling depot? Do I want to use them as vases or planters, knowing that they may leak into whatever I’m growing and possibly eating? Basically, if this isn’t a good thing to put in my body, why should I put it into my environment?


One Response to “How to make the switch?”

  1. 1 Academic Pointillism

    I’ve opted for stainless steel bottles. I found a nice light, reasonably priced one at capital iron and it’s been great so far!

    At UVic there is a plastic bottle bin where you can put your old nalgene bottles. They will use them to collect discarded needles… perhaps there is something similar in Vancouver?

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