School’s in for the spriiiing


Well, tomorrow is the big day – I’m heading back to school! It’s not like it’s been very long, only four months since I finished my UBC courses. This time I’m heading to BCIT, part-time, to take a course heavily related to my work.

I’m nervous! Adam has been incredibly patient, dealing everything from “what if I’m not smart enough?” to “what if it’s boring?” to “what if everyone else is older/more experienced/cooler than i am?” It’s been a bad scene, but I really am excited, too. This course should make my job far easier to carry out, and make me more effective. Always a plus!

I’m feeling pretty organised about tomorrow, and I have plenty of time to get from work to the downtown campus. What I haven’t figured out yet is what to WEAR! Ridiculous, yes, but I need to plan for my cold office, traipsing around in the rain, and a climate-unknown classroom. I’m sure I’ll throw something together, but it’s a little bit of nervousness I could live without.


One Response to “School’s in for the spriiiing”

  1. 1 Laura

    How did your first day of class go?!?!

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