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When we left the house this morning, the car was reading 2C outside. It’s the first day of Spring, what’s up with that? By the time we got over to the Island later in the morning, it was sunny and 8C. Spring has certainly sprung in Victoria – all the cherry trees are blossoming, the flowers are beginning to open, everything is becoming colourful again. Vancouver is still stuck in that in-between bit, where a few flowers are opening, but it’s still grey and disgusting weather-wise. I’m really over it, frankly. Bring on the sunshine and sandal-friendly temperatures!

It’s nice to be home again, though. A visit home twice in a month is rare for me, but makes up for the long stretch between December and March where I didn’t get home at all. After being so sick, too, I think this visit is going to help ease me back into real life and recharge my batteries a little.

All week, I’ve been in a semi-frantic daze, trying to get back into the routine of work, errands, and life. Now I have a weekend to spend doing useful things (getting a haircut tomorrow!) but also taking it easy (wedding dress shopping with an engaged friend!) and relaxing with my family. It’s all about finding that balance between what needs to happen, what should happen and what will make me happy to do.

As Lent draws to a close, I’m quite content with how the season went for me. Although there were setbacks to my plans to add something new in, I did exceptionally well at abstaining from celebrity gossip. I feel lighter and more positive having cut it out of my life. I’m certain that I’ll follow it loosely again after Lent, but I won’t obsessively refresh Perez every day! More than anything, I am happy with how much I have gone into myself this season – I spent far more time in prayer and contemplation than I would normally, and I’ve spent more energy on listening to and working with my body. I’m trying hard at this new approach to myself, moving away from dieting and towards intuitive eating and HAES. It’s scary, but it feels really good! I’m celebrating listening to my body and identifying what it wants and needs, rather than a number on the scale. I’m honouring my bodily signals, rather than moralizing food.

I’m in a good place, and I think it’s just going to get better, obstacles and all.

Happy Easter, all. Whether you’re celebrating Spring, Jesus or the chocolate bunnies (or all three!) this weekend, I hope it brings a sense of refreshment and renewal to you.


6 Responses to “Fresh.”

  1. I went to the Island for the first time this weekend. I’ve been living in Vancouver for 7 months and hadn’t been, and since I’m moving back east in another month, I’m so glad I went! Victoria is lovely.

  2. 2 Marianne

    Julia, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! It’s a pretty delightful city, and such a contrast to Vancouver.

  3. 3 blubberbegone

    Hi Marianne,

    I didn’t know you were from Victoria. It really is lovely. I think my hubby would have move out there lock stock and barrel if he could. Is that fantastic veggie/juicing restaurant whose name I have forgotten still there?

    I had to look up HEAS (Health at Every Size). Good for you. I guess it’s what we all aspire to, but I just can’t bring myself to trust myself. There is a fantastic book that you might find really interesting: ‘Fed Up: Free yourself from the Diet Trap’ by Wendy Oliver-Pyatt. I read it, was almost moved to tears, wanted to do it, but just couldn’t. I’m in the Diet Trap. Good luck with your HEAS though.

  4. 4 Marianne

    Hi BBG – I grew up in Victoria and now live across the water in Vancouver – I’m a west coast girl through and through! I think you’re thinking about Rebar, in Bastion Square – it’s still open, and they actually have a *great* cookbook too!

    HAES is certainly a long process, especially, as you said, learning to trust myself. Thanks for the book recommendation – I’ll certainly have a look for it!

  5. 5 cchellez

    How are you?! The challenge is drama drama drama… are you gone from 3FC for good? The next challenge is starting in April if you want to come back!

    I just wanted to let you know that my novella is on pause for the moment. I’m doing some constructive research on some of my favorite authors before I get back to my story.

    I am starting a book exchange if you want to take part. You can find it here:

    Hope you’re feeling better…. the challenge hasn’t been the same without you! 😀

  6. 6 Marianne

    Hey Chelle – how are you?

    I’m still debating about whether to go back to 3FC or not. Mentally, it’s both good and bad for me – the support is great, but the weight loss makes me a little crazy. I do miss you all lots, though! I’m sorry to hear there’s so much drama – you put so much work into it, and it’s such a great support. Maybe I’ll pop in soon and check in with you all!

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