The Agenda: March 10-16


I’ve decided that I want to start seeking out more fun and adventure, to stop waiting for 10lbs to go away or the weather to get better or whatever excuse. I do better when I can see my life in front of me, so I’m going to start writing it all out. This weekend I had a great visit with my family and Caitlin, and got caught up on my food blogging at Only to Live, but it’s time to look forward to the coming week!

Here’s what’s on the agenda for this week:

  • Wednesday March 12 – Brownies, as usual!
  • Saturday March 15 – Absolute Beginner’s Workshop at Semperviva Yoga. I’ve been looking forward to this for ages, and I’m so excited it’s finally time!
  • Saturday March 15 – a house-warming dinner with four of our friends. I’m thrilled for my friends, they found a great apartment near the beach, and it’s time to christen it with wine, laughter, and good food.
  • Sunday March 16 – hopefully, a long, long walk in the PSP with Jill!

Seems that this weekend is heavy on the weekend plans and light during the week – just how I like it! It’s nice to come home from work knowing that I can look forward to an easy, comfortable evening at home with Adam and no rushing around. Especially after being away this weekend, it will be nice to have a few nights to get back on top of the chores around the house.

I’m down to just two weeks left in Lent – so far the celebrity gossip abstinence is going very well. The Happiness Project is going smoothly as well, though I’m very behind on updating my Flickr set! Once I figure out some picture-uploading issues, I’ll get right back at it!


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