Bits and Pieces


Bit of a strange week, and I have some random updates that don’t all flow together, so… bullet points!

  • I haven’t gone out for my second run/walk yet. My lungs were thrashed all of Saturday, and I think I need to go easy on them. For a few weeks now, I’ve felt like I’m *almost* sick. That warmth when I wake up, that tickle in the throat/lungs, that sniffle that comes and goes. I really want to avoid the Death Cold going around, so I’m going to go easy on my body for a bit and see what happens. I’ve got plans for a long walk on Sunday, so that’ll be my test drive to see if I can get started again with the run/walks.
  • Connected to the “I think I’m maybe almost sick”, I’ve had my first intuitive eating victory already. Listening to my body this weekend at the grocery store, it was saying FRUIT AND VEG, FRUIT AND VEG NOM NOM NOM. So we bought lots of veg, and I picked up some apples, bananas, and a huge box of strawberries. My body is happy and I’m happy for giving it what it wants and seems to need.
  • I also discovered Basil Ranch salad dressing this weekend, and I can’t get enough of it with baby carrots.
  • I’m going home this weekend! The circumstances are sad, but it’s still a trip home. I’ve not been home since Christmas, which is a long time for me. In the past, I’ve been home every 4-6weeks, and here I am at 8weeks+ between visits.
  • I stopped at the deli near work this morning to buy a hot chocolate. While I was waiting for my turn, I got chatting with the guy in line in front of me, and when he got to the register, he paid for my hot choc! He was joking that when you’re his age (maybe mid50s to early 60s?) you can buy young girls a drink without it being weird. Hooray for random acts of kindness!
  • The sun was shining this morning! Flowers are blooming! I have left my umbrella at home more days than I’ve taken it with me in the last two weeks! (Now winter needs to just hurry up and END!)

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