Domestic bliss


We spent far too much time and money at IKEA this weekend, and I couldn’t be happier about it. We went in on Saturday to pick up a new pillow for me and some tupperware, and to check out the desk chairs for Adam. We left with the pillow and tupperware, as well as a lengthy list of things we liked.

We went back on Sunday and bought two bedside tables ($59 each, on sale from $89!), two bookshelves ($49 each, down from $79 because they were in the As-Is room with tiny scratches), and a desk chair for Adam. We ran home, and spent the next few hours cleaning and assembling. The difference the bedsides and bookshelves have made is amazing, and it’s just going to get better as we put things away on them. We’ve lived in our place for over 9months, and still have all our books in boxes – I can’t wait to unpack them!

Now I just need to finish the laundry, then clean and vacuum the REST of the apartment, and Winter Cleaning 2008 will be done. Yikes!


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