Weekend Scorecard


Before the weekend, I wrote a post about organizing my life, and connecting my struggles with organization to other struggles in my life, including with my weight.

So how’d I do this weekend?

  • Do laundry – I did 2 loads, and will probably do 5-6 more this week. Our washer is tiny, so that’s not as much laundry as it sounds!
  • As clean things come out of the dryer, sort into keep/fix/toss or donate piles. – Everything in the loads I did this weekend was “keep” stuff, because it was mostly socks, underwear, and workout clothes.
  • Put things away from the Keep pile in between loads. – Hahah. Whoops. They’re still sitting in the dryer. 😀
  • Walk to the bank for 10AM Saturday re: Brownie bank acct and walk home. Snow, ice, and me sleeping through my alarm prevented this, so Adam drove me.
  • Write cheques for money owed to Brownies acct for cookies. Done and done!
  • Clean off kitchen table. Well, I cleaned the TV room instead, and put away the Christmas stuff. Fair trade, in my mind!
  • Make a kick-ass dinner on Sunday and eat it AT the kitchen table. Well, Adam made a great stirfry, which we didn’t eat at the kitchen table.

Okay, so I didn’t do as well as I planned. I was lazier than I expected, because I was feeling really down all weekend about Adam going away this week. We spent much of Sunday just chilling out together, getting some QT stored up. Frankly, that was just far more important to me than anything that was on my list.

That said, we talked a bit about our plans/priorities for getting our place decluttered, and I did a lot of planning about things that I am finished with and think I can move on without too much angst. I will beat our bedroom into submission this week, while Adam’s away, and hopefully will have the time to tackle a few other things, too.


2 Responses to “Weekend Scorecard”

  1. eat at kitchen table – that just hit me. I have been eating everywhere BUT there and I think that’s a part of my problem lately.

    Thanks 🙂

    and good on ya’ for being so productive!!!

  2. 2 Marianne

    Marie, I know I am FAR less mindful when I don’t eat at the table. If I’m at the table, I just eat, and chat with whomever I’m sharing the meal with. If not, I’m watching TV, reading, checking email. Basically doing anything BUT be mindful of the food I’m eating and my fullness.

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