Y’all, I bailed so badly tonight. Like, worse than Bette-Sue on The Biggest Loser last night.

I was walking from the bus stop to meet my Brownies leaders for a meeting. I was running late, but also trying to get my heart rate up a bit, so I was speed walking at quite a clip, rocking out to my iPod. I must’ve caught the edge of my shoe on the curb, but I went down HARD. Both my knees are ripped up, and one of them has a HUGE lump (like it looks like I have a second kneecap!). The worst though is my hand – it’s super torn up and bruised… my thumb hurts a tonne too, and I think I might have chipped the bone. Guess I’m going to the doctor tomorrow if it still hurts.

The good news is that my meeting ended up being 4 hours of heavy cleaning and organising, so it was quite the workout, at least.

Sometimes I think the world is out to get me… just as I was happily settling into a near-nightly routine of pushups, situps, squats, etc., I rip up my knees and hand so much I can’t handle the pressure of pushups or the knee-bending of squats.


5 Responses to “*Whine*”

  1. OH wow, that sounds painful!!!

  2. 2 Laura

    I’m sorry to hear you got so banged up 😦 How’s your hand doing?

    In the absence of doing pushups and squats why don’t you try the oh-so-wonderful *plank* (dum dum dum). I do mine so my weight is on my feet and forearms. It’ll work your core and also your arms like pushups.
    Also, you could try superman/swim kicks for your back strength because they also work your bum muscles.

    Hope you feel better soon lady!

  3. 3 Marianne

    Sarah – it is!

    Laura – It’s feeling a little better today. I don’t think anything’s broken, thankfully. I was thinking about plank today, thanks for the reminder. Supermans would be good too, I had forgotten them.

  4. Ohh, that’s rough to have happen in general, and much more so as you’re getting used to a fitness routine.

  5. Oh, that sucks! Take some pain reliever and maybe treat yourself to something so you feel taken care of (you know, since you don’t have a mommy to kiss your boo-boo).

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