Making a Date


I have to admit, I didn’t take my two walks last week. What I did do, though, was a mini-workout on four different days. That counts for something, though it’s not what I was going to commit to.

I’ve been making the excuse that I need new shoes. It’s true, I do, but the ones I have right now are still okay for short walks. More than that, and I really need some new ones. When Jill and I did the Fall Classic, my “bad” ankle and shins were unhappy, but have been fine for shorter walks. I’m eyeing getting the newest version of my current shoes, but we’ll see what the helpful staff at the store suggest.

On Saturday, I’m going to lace up, and get out for a nice, slow, long walk. There are some neat trails on the south side of Pacific Spirit Park (PDF map) which would be a good walk from my house. Jill and I used to walk the trails on the north side of the park on Sundays, but we’ve not done that in a long time, and we never got around to exploring the south side. I’ll see just what is bugging me about my current shoes, and just get out in the forest for a while. (Side note: How much do I love living in a city where there is a forest mere blocks from my house?)

Then Sunday is going to be my last shopping day for a while. I’m going to get out and test out shoes at three of the great running stores in my neighbourhood (there’s a Running Room, Forerunners, and LadySport all within 1km of my house). Then I’m going to head down the road, suck it up, and buy a bathing suit. I’m not looking forward to meeting my pasty winter self under the fluorescent lights (WHY do they do this?!) at the swim shop, but it needs to be done. After that, the shopping stops until I hit 180-185 (15-20lbs down) or my pants start falling off me.

Now I’ve told Teh Internets that I’m going to do this, I guess I’d better. I expect some comments on Sunday asking how it went. šŸ˜‰


4 Responses to “Making a Date”

  1. 1 rhythmandthesea

    Good luck with the bathing suit. I don’t even own one anymore, I gave up. You should go for one of those sexy, one piece 40s-inspired numbers. hehe.

    Good luck and have fun in the forest. I miss the west coast already.

  2. 2 Laura

    I am jealous at your proximity to a nice plush forest so I hope you enjoy it for the both of us this weekend. šŸ™‚

    I have been lazy the last 3 days since school started up again and it’s infuriating me! Tomorrow it stops with a visit to the gym after my afternoon class. I expect harassment inquring into my success levels – thank yee!

  3. 3 Marianne

    Cait, I would love one of those vintage-style ones (like this one or this one… maybe when I get to goal!) For now, it’s going to be a decidedly unsexy sports suit so I can go to aquafit.

    Laura – I will harass you tomorrow, with pleasure. šŸ˜€

    Both of you should just, y’know, come (back) out here and enjoy the forest with me.

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