Post-Christmas Report


I’m back in Vancouver, recharged after a week at home with my family. We baked and cooked and ate and read and joked and relaxed together. We ate, a lot. Lots of our traditional Christmas food, and some new things.

As for Best Life Diet, I tried to keep with the 3-meals-and-a-snack, but it ended up being more like 3-meals-and-some-grazing-all-day. I had a glass or two of wine, but otherwise stayed away from the alcohol. I’ve been a *star* at not eating 2 hours before bedtime. I’m not increasing my activity level as much as I had hoped, but that’s not a huge issue because that will be an ongoing effort. Still no multivitamin, because I forgot to get some at Costco this past week and they are too expensive elsewhere.

I stepped on the scale quickly this afternoon, to take an unofficial weigh-in to prepare myself for tomorrow morning’s official weigh-in. I was thinking it would be … less than ideal … after all the eating, but was pleasantly surprised. I had gone up a few pounds in early December, and it looks like I’m right where I was when I went home. Sweet! I’m happy to maintain rather than gain!

Tomorrow morning I’m going to weigh myself and take some measurements to get ready for the new year. I got some money at Christmas, and I’m debating whether it’s going towards new running shoes and a Learn to Run clinic or a new bathing suit and a pass to the pool. Which will I like more, do better at, and stick with more? Tough call! I’m certainly planning to get out and walk more, if nothing else. Adam got me a great Fuel Belt so I have a place to stuff my puffer and house key, and an easy way to carry some water, so that will make walks (or runs!) easier.

So, that’s the state of the body, post-Christmas. I survived, and feel ready to take on 2008.


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