The Biggest Loser Season 4 Finale


Okay, so I wrote this this as I watched the show, so it’s a bit disjointed.

**SPOILER ALERT** Do not read if you haven’t seen the finale yet!! **SPOILER ALERT**

First of all – OH MY GOODNESS. As the contestants who were kicked off came out, I literally could not keep my jaw shut. They all look SO great! Jerry especially blew me away – how cute is he!

It’s interesting to me that some of them haven’t lost any weight since their follow-ups at elimination (e.g. Lezlye, Patty). I know that for some of them, it hasn’t been long, but for others it’s been 10+ weeks. I know it’s harder at home, but you’d think that there would have been some change. I wonder whether it’s natural plateaus or individual behaviour. For me, I feel like even a week or two on BL would give me a huge kick start to change my lifestyle and maintain it.

How funny would it be if the twins took both prizes?


I wonder why some of them have the saggy, hanging skin, and other don’t. I know that it is sooo individual, coming down to genetics, age, diet, other habits, and all kinds of other factors… but wow!

Amy looks like a completely different person. I love her short hair, especially.

Kae… well, she does look so much happier and more fit… but I honestly think she lost too much weight. She looks really tight and sharp around her face, and I think that takes away from her SLAMMIN’ body.

At the beginning of the show, I really disliked Nicole. Towards the end of her time, though, and tonight, I LOVED her. She seems so much like me, and I loved seeing her transformation. I hope I look that good at 174lbs!

Neil… Yes, he has accomplished a ton. I just do not have ANY respect for him. Sure, all the contestants have played around with their weigh-ins, but none have done it so maliciously. His attitude just soured me off him from the beginning, and the whole water incident sealed that.

Jim fully deserves the $100 000. What a huge accomplishment, especially with the majority of his loss at home!

The Finalists

“Before this, I had a body built by baklava” – LOVE BILL. Oh my goodness, how awesome has he been through the whole season? Isabeau – gosh that girl is one of my favourites. I know lots of people dislike her, but I think she’s very real and realistic. Wow, when Julie lef the show, she still had a ton of weight around her tush and thighs, but that seems to have gone POOF. Loved the bits with Hollie – she reminds me of myself too!

Wow Julie – too much tanning, sweetie! It’s December in North America, no white woman should be that … orange. Hollie – OH MY GOD – girl looks FINE. I loved her dress and shorter hair! Isabeau is positively glowing, and looks like her confidence has just gone through the roof. Loved her dress too! And Bill… well, the 3FC girls from the BL challenge know I’ve been saying he’s looked handsome for a while now, and he did NOT disappoint tonight!

YAHOOO Bill for the win!!


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