Looking back: 2007 in review


I have a whole series of posts sitting, half-written, and I just can’t get myself to finish them off. They’ll come, likely between now and New Year’s.

In the meantime, I thought I would look back over 2007 a little. It’s been a big year for me, and I want to focus on all the things that HAVE happened, rather than the things that haven’t.

In January, I started a new job! What was initially a 4-month co-op position turned into two 4-month co-op positions, and then became my current part-time job. I’ve been really happy with this job – I get to do a little bit of everything, which means it’s never boring and I’m always learning something new.

Between January and March, I lost just over 10lbs following the calorie restrictions on SparkPeople. I also got way too obsessed with calorie-counting, so that went out the window in late March for the sake of my mental health.

In March, I walked my first 5K race, the Dash 4 Doctors at UBC, with my friend Jillian. It was cold and wet that day, but the race followed a beautiful course through the trails of Pacific Spirit Park. We finished in 50:02, well under our goal of 1hour.

In April, Adam finished university. Yay! In May, he moved over to Vancouver, and we moved in together. This was a looong time coming, and was exciting and relieving. It’s still a treat to wake up in the middle of the night to find him beside me, and I can’t believe how lucky and happy I am to finally be with him all the time, rather than only on occasional weekends.

In June, we flew out to Guelph, ON for the wedding of Charlene and CG. Char and I have been friends since kindergarten; my dad and her mum worked together for many years, and we went to school together K-12. It was so thrilling to spend a long weekend with them, supporting and celebrating their commitment to each other. My cousin, Laura, came down for Guelph for an afternoon to hang out with us and meet Adam. On our way to Toronto to fly home, Adam finally got to meet my Grandma when we stopped for a quick visit over lunch. I also created my 101 in 1001 list in June, to finish by the end of the 2010 Olympics.

July and August were filled with work and summer fun. I played softball and volleyball with a random assortment of strangers from June through September, which got me off my duff and into the sunshine at least once a week.

September marked a big shift for me, heading back to school after 8 months off. I started trying to balance my course load, working 3 days a week, volunteering at Brownies, being a good girlfriend and living life. I also started getting serious about how fatigued I was, and started a short-lived attempt at Couch-to-5k. Caitlin, Kristen and I went to see Justin Timberlake!

October was spent mostly dealing with school and my health. We ruled out thyroid disorders, diabetes, and anemia. My “numbers” continue to be healthy across the board. I spent some time on Dexedrine, which seems to have “rebooted” my system and improved my energy levels.

November was crazy! I ran my first fund-raiser, semi-successfully. I had thousands of assignments at school. Jillian and I (I’m wearing 107) walked another 5K, the New Balance Fall Classic, and finished in 48:44, an improvement over March, but well over our goal of 40mins. We both walked with colds, and that combined with lazy training slowed us down. I was, apparently, not a lot of fun to live with, which I would probably agree with and feel awful about!


That brings us here to December. I spent the first week franticly trying to get my schoolwork done (YAY!) and trying not to have a meltdown. I’m burnt OUT, y’all. I’m spending the next two weeks working a lot, and then I’ll head home for a much-appreciated week off. In the meantime, I’ll spend this weekend at camp with my Brownies. Then … Christmas!

I’m a little disappointed that 2007 wasn’t the successful year I had hoped it to be – I didn’t learn to run or lose much weight or figure out my future. I did accomplish a lot, though, and I’m very proud of those accomplishments. I’ve learned a lot about what DOESN’T work for me, and that has value, too.

What I accomplished off my 101 in 1001 list in 2007:


  • #32. Get First Aid certificate. This is something I am required to have as a Guider, if I’m to be a first aider at camps or other events. I spent two long Saturdays in June with a group of other Guiders learning everything from splinting to CPR!
  • #54. Buy a vacuum. We did this in July 2007, two months (oops) after we moved in together. I love our vacuum, but I should really give it more love and attention (read: use it more).
  • #81. Do a trainer tour at the Aquarium. We did this in August for Adam’s birthday present, and it was so cool! We chose to do the otter tour, and I’m so glad. We learned a lot, and it was really fun to feed the otters – they are hilarious!
  • #15. Eat breakfast every day for a month. I did this from August to September, and then promptly stopped doing it again. Sheesh!
  • #11. Work with the doctor to find a cause for my fatigue and manage it. I did this over four months, from September to December. Lifestyle changes didn’t make any changes. Diabetes, thyroid disorders, anemia, and other blood-testable illnesses were ruled out, and my “numbers” were all good-to-excellent. I spent 6 weeks on a drug called Dexedrine, which I jokingly called “baby speed”, because it is an amphetmine. I felt better than I had in months, and came off the drug in late November. I think my body just needed a bit of reboot, and the drug provided that. Here’s hoping my health sticks around!
  • #19. Have a professional massage. For my 22nd birthday in May, my brother gifted me with a ‘Seaside Scrub’ at Beverly’s on 4th. Oh. my. heck. It was amazing! I was showered, scrubbed, and massaged with Vichy products, and left the spa totally blissed out. I went in November, right at the peak of my stresses at school and work, and it was perfect. Thanks G!
  • #31. Re-read all lecture notes before next class during final semester. The semester is over, and I’ve only one paper left to go. This didn’t go as smoothly as I hoped, but it went enough for me to consider it finished.
  • #34. Purchase a MacBook with AppleCare. I am so grateful that my parents gifted me with AppleCare. I was able to buy my new baby in November, and it is totally amazing. This has been a long time coming, and I’m really enjoying exploring all the new features.


What I started off my 101 in 1001 list in 2007, NINE items:

  • #2. Lose 49lbs to achieve weight of 160lbs. (14/49) Well, it’s better than 0lbs, although I am still at the same weight I was when I wrote the list. Those other 35lbs are getting the boot in 2008!
  • #23. Continue volunteering with Guiding throughout the 1001 days. So far, so good! I am still enjoying my volunteering. Our Brownie meetings are one of the highlights of my week, every week; the girls are so enthusiastic and eager to try new things and explore the world. It’s a perspective more adults need, I think.
  • #35. Graduate from UBC. Well, my classes are done, with only one paper remaining. I won’t find out if it’s official for a little while yet, so I’ll leave this as an in-progress. If all goes according to plan, I’ll be walking across the stage in May 2008.
  • #66. See my brother once a month for a year. (6/12 starting june 2007) This is going smoothly, although November is iffy to count – he came to an event I ran for work, so we didn’t spend much QT together. I’m counting it because it means SO much to me that he came out and supported my work!
  • #77. Watch every Best Picture Oscar-winner. (23/79; #78. Read all the Governor-General’s Award English Fiction winners (2/69); #79. Read at least 10 of the Governor-General’s Award English Non-Fiction winners (2/10); #80. See all of the AFI’s best movie list (30/100) Not much to say about these four, just working away on them slowly!
  • 84. Participate in Blogathon or NaBloPoMo. Well, I attempted NaBloPoMo in November, but I didn’t finish it. I’ll probably try to do this one next year!

So that puts me at…

8 out of 101 completed = 7.92%

December 31 = 211 days out of 1001 days = 21.07%





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