Domestic bliss


We’re having a lovey-dovey, foodie weekend around our place. I came home from work yesterday to dinner coming out of the oven – perfect timing. Adam made me a really tasty, comfort-foody meal, and it totally hit the spot. He made an olive oil and pesto chicken, garlic mashed potatoes with truffle oil, and a yummy apple, carrot and brie salad. We had a great wine – Sawmill Creek Chardonnay – with it, too, and finished off with creme caramel. Nom nom nom. We followed dinner with a cosy night on the couch, watching Happy Feet. Totally lovely.

This morning, I made us a great egg nog french toast for breakfast. Filling, rich and delicious! It was a yummy way to start a day filled with errands and a trip to visit the Vancouver Aquarium.

Tomorrow night dinner is my job, and I’ll be making this pasta with spinach, walnut and sage pesto, with balsamic roasted carrots. (Caroline – thanks for the carrot inspiration – hope yours were good on Thanksgiving!) I’m still trying to decide on another side, preferably a veggie. Any ideas?


2 Responses to “Domestic bliss”

  1. Am I too late? Make sure you really douse the carrots with the balsamic, otherwise you don’t taste it. If they are really coated, the balsamic carmelizes on the carrots and it’s quite good.

  2. 2 practiceliving

    Thanks for the tip, Caroline. I did do that, and we both loved them.

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