NaBloPoMo Sunday #2: N’oublions pas.


For the month of November, I’ll be participating in NaBloPoMo. This means a blog post every single day! To give myself some help coming up with 30 posts, I’m going to follow a pattern. Monday through Saturday each week, I will blog on a letter of the alphabet; Sundays will be whatever I come up with! You can read all my NaBloPoMo alphabet posts here.

Today is Remembrance Day, as the Canadians among you will know. Today we mark the passing of the armistice ending World War I and remember and honour the soldiers who have fought for Canada over the years.

A few weeks ago, I picked up a poppy from a kindly old man near my bus stop; after I lost that one, I picked up another at a Dairy Queen, and it has taken its place on my lapel every day. This morning, I got up early enough to watch the service in Ottawa, which is comfortingly similar from year to year. During the moment of silence, I said a prayer of thanks for those who have fought and are fighting for Canada, and a prayer for the safety of our troops in Afghanistan. I thought about my grandfathers, who had both been in the military. (Grandpa had been in the Royal Corps of Engineers and spent time in Europe during World War II. My dad and his parents immigrated to Canada when he joined the Royal Canadian Air Force.) I watched the government and various representatives lay the wreaths, and the elderly veterans wipe away tears.

I don’t support the war in Afghanistan. That doesn’t change my support for our troops, though. They are parents, siblings, children, friends. They are doing their jobs with courage and dedication. How could I not support them? As the rabbi who gave the benediction this morning said, we shouldn’t just support our troops, we should love them.

But, above all else, we must remember them.


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