NaBloPoMo: D is for Decorate


For the month of November, I’ll be participating in NaBloPoMo. This means a blog post every single day! To give myself some help coming up with 30 posts, I’m going to follow a pattern. Monday through Saturday each week, I will blog on a letter of the alphabet; Sundays will be whatever I come up with! You can read all my NaBloPoMo alphabet posts here.

D is for Decorate.

I have a … thing … for accessories. I don’t just mean jewelery or purses; I mean accessories for the home, too. Those little things that add detail to an outfit or a room are important to me.

Admittedly, I don’t always accessorize when I get dressed. I have a ring that I wear every single day and my glasses; some days, that’s enough for me. My glasses are fairly obvious – half frames, metal, and purple – so I don’t always need anything extra! Many days, though, I’ll throw on a necklace or pair of earrings. Those little details can make a big difference to how put together I look.

In my mind, that goes for homes, too. The little details can make all the difference. Whether it’s photography or paintings on the walls, patterned throw pillows on the couches, or flowers on a side table, the look and the feel of a room can change drastically with the little pieces.

Our apartment right now desperately needs those little touches. I need to focus on getting this place tidied up, first, and then start collecting the little details to make it better. Last year, my brother gifted me with a great book called Apartment Therapy (there’s a blog, too), and a gift card to Home Depot. I read the book and implemented the strategies in my old place, but still haven’t done it here. Once the semester is over, I want to dive into that and get the little details into the apartment.

I want to make our apartment our home.


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