NaBloPoMo: A is for Aging


For the month of November, I’ll be participating in NaBloPoMo. This means a blog post every single day! To give myself some help coming up with 30 posts, I’m going to follow a pattern. Monday through Saturday each week, I will blog on a letter of the alphabet; Sundays will be whatever I come up with! You can read all my NaBloPoMo alphabet posts here.

I came home after class today feeling awful; I think I have a bit of food poisoning. Instead of coming home to do laundry and homework, I’m on the couch feeling disgusting and watched Oprah. Her guest today is Dr. Oz, who is on Oprah frequently and has written a number of books.

Their topic this episode? Aging – what it is, how it works, and what Dr. Oz says you can do to reverse its effects.

I find that I think about aging much differently since my nana was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I’ve posted about this before, and what we can do to reduce our likelihood of Alzheimer’s.

One of the things they did in this episode was have the audience take an aging quiz. You can take it online, too. I took it and got a score lower than I would have expected; I understand part of the score, but I also have a criticism. Admittedly, Oprah’s target audience is older than I am, so the test is probably aimed at them; however, some of the questions were very age-dependent, and there was no question on the quiz asking about your current age. I’m in my early 20s – it’s not a bad thing that I’ve not had a mammogram this year – they’re not recommended yearly at my age! There were also some questions that should have had a “does not apply to me” answer; I don’t get anything dry-cleaned, so questions about airing out my drycleaning aren’t applicable.

I found a lot of what Dr. Oz had to say interesting, whether I agree with his methods or not. He encourages stress reduction through sleep, meditation, centering techniques, and exercise like tai chi, which I found refreshing – most doctors say “reduce stress” but don’t give suggestions for effective methods.

At one point, Dr. Oz said, “The ultimate question that you ought to be asking yourself is, ‘Would you do to someone else’s body what you’re doing to your body?’ That’s the love you ought to have for it.”

In my early 20s, other than thinking about Alzheimer’s risk reduction, I don’t think much about aging. I’ve been thinking about all the changes I’m making in my life as changes to how I feel NOW. I want to change to thinking about how my lifestyle now is going to impact my life in 6months, 6 years, and 60years, and to start thinking about the respect I give my body.


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