Water water everywhere!


Goal #1 is done! I had my 64oz of water every day last week, which was a nice way to start off this new strategy.

Do you ever find that when you are focusing on something, suddenly it is everywhere? Elastic Waist had a two posts (here and here) about drinking enough water. After my spa trip on Sunday, the esthetician told me to drink lots of water because what I had done (the Seaside Scrub at Beverly’s) can be dehydrating. It seemed like everywhere I turned over the last week, water came up.

Either way, now it’s on to goal #2 – 10 each – pushups , rollups*, lunges and squats. I’ll keep you posted!

(I’d still love suggestions for weeks 3-10!)

* I’ve removed the rollups this week because I’ve been feeling nauseous, and I’m not messing with the stomach anymore than I have to!


One Response to “Water water everywhere!”

  1. 1 Laura

    I have decided to do 6 weekly goals as well my dear! My goal for this week is to incorporate two extra cardio sessions on top of the fitness classes I’m taking because I find I am not getting enough cardio in/focusing on weights more. I am not seeing as much progress as I would like with my health goals, so that is my way of helping to pick it up a bit.
    Maybe that can be a goal for next week?
    Or maybe aiming to get a full eight hours of sleep __ times a week (you decide how much of that is realistic)

    If you have any new ideas for me too, feel free to send them my way. 🙂

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