Blog Action Day: One Little Thing


October 15, 2007 is Blog Action Day. A day when bloggers around the world, whatever their focus, will write about the environment and climate change.

So here’s the truth, everybody: climate change freaks me out. Big time.

I’ve always been fascinated by natural disasters – earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, the whole lot. When I was younger, I wanted to grow up and become a storm chaser or a vulcanologist or seismologist. All those big scary events fascinated me, and I wanted to know everything I could and experience everything I (safely) could.

Now I’m a little older and a little more scared by natural disasters, but they seem so very removed from my life. The last time we had an earthquake that was felt, it wasn’t very big. I’ve grown up hearing about “the big one” that is supposed to hit the west coast, but it could happen today or in a hundred years, so I don’t let it panic me.

But climate change… eeesh.

I read and hear about it, and the figures are rarely “in a hundred years” or that sort of timeline. The numbers are in my lifetime, and certainly in that of any children I have in the future. Oceans will rise, temperatures will change, species will continue to die off.

And yet we continue on, letting our governments close their eyes and minds, living our technological lives with all the lights on all the time.

I’m not perfect, and I won’t ever claim to be. I leave my computer on frequently, and I don’t compost. But I try to do one little thing every day to lessen my impact on the world, and I think that everyone can commit to that.

Next time you change a light bulb, change it to a compact fluorescent. Next time you grocery shop, take reusable bags (I have great canvas ones from Granville Island and Thrifty Foods) instead of using paper or plastic. Take the bus, walk, or ride a bike when possible. Find out where and how to recycle in your community. Drink tap water from a glass or reusable bottle (Nalgene, Sigg, etc.) instead of buying bottled – half the time bottled is just tap water filtered more (Dasani, I’m looking at you)! If you print a draft of something, keep the pages and use the other side for a different draft or to make notes. Eat locally and in season when you have the choice. Be an active part of your community, and encourage your community groups to be as green as they can.

We can’t all afford solar power, hybrid cars, organic food or ethically produced clothing. But we can all make the small choices, and we can make them part of our day-to-day life. I promise that you’ll barely notice a difference when you start making these little changes to your lifestyle.

And if we all start to do one little thing, that will add up to a lot of big things.

This world is a gift – let’s not screw it up any worse, and let’s do everything we can to make it better.


5 Responses to “Blog Action Day: One Little Thing”

  1. Good Post ! Thanks

  2. Well said!

    Since I moved into my own place I have been more proactive.

    I turn the computer off at night and make sure all the electricty switches are off.
    I use heaters when only absolutely nessasary (although thats more to do with cost).
    I use recycle bags when I go shopping.
    I walk about 4 stops before getting on the bus, and often dont get the bus at all. I avoid getting the bus to the school, which saves 4 bus journeys per day – and gets me fitter.
    I use energy saving lightbulbs.

    There is more I am sure but those are the things that spring to mind.

  3. Oh and I recycle too!

  4. 4 practiceliving

    Thanks Morris!

    Well done, GB! Those are great, easy changes that add up to a big impact. It sets a wonderful example for your son, too, so rock on mama!

  5. Good Post ! Thanks

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