So I took my first dose of Dexedrine today.


I feel better than I have in months. It’s like my body is finally awake again and my brain fog has lifted. I can concentrate and react quickly.

But, I definitely understand why amphetamines are called “speed” now – I feel a little like I’m on fast-forward!

My doctor suggested I start with 2 x 5mg in the morning (what I did today), and if that makes me feel TOO speedy or makes me hit the wall in the afternoon, to switch to 1 x 5mg in the morning and 1 x 5mg around lunchtime.


ETA: I just looked Dexedrine up on Wikipedia, and apparently, this is what the US Air Force gives pilots on long missions as a “go” pill. Sheesh.


4 Responses to “Wow.”

  1. 1 contadine

    When you mentioned brain fog – I wondered – have you thought about fibromyalgia? I don’t know all your symptoms, but fatigue, brain fog, aches and pains, stomach troubles, and many other things can go with that. Especially if the docs aren’t finding anything in your labs.

  2. 2 practiceliving

    The “big two” symptoms for me right now are fatigue and difficulty concentrating; the other symptoms of fibromyalgia like the stomach troubles and aches haven’t occurred.

    It has come up as a possible Dx, but my doctor doesn’t seem to think that’s it, yet. The plan for now is to see how I do on the Dexedrine for two weeks, and reassess from there.

  3. Hi there! I hope you continue to feel better! 🙂 I was wondering if you had access to my blog ok…if not…let me know here and I will check back in a few days – that is if I don’t see a comment from you on my blog first…teehee

  4. 4 practiceliving

    I was hoping you would pop by and comment! I actually don’t have access anymore – when I go to your URL, it sends me to the wordpress homepage.

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