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Occasionally, I’ll be writing about the products I try or use in my quest for a healthier lifestyle. These are NOT provoked or supported by any of the companies whose products I may write about; they are simply things I’ve tried and either found useful or bunk. You can find previous product reviews under the tag “stuff.”

I used to wear a pedometer all day, every day. I loved it! It was this simple little challenge with myself to see how many steps I could rack up in a day and if I could beat the previous day’s numbers. It kept me motivated to get moving even when I was working a desk job, and made me really conscious of my daily activities.

The first one fell off when I was out for dinner with friends one night – I looked all over my house, called the restaurant, searched my friends car… no luck. The second one my mother lent me, and that one left me when someone STOLE IT from me on the bus. I wore it clipped to the pocket of my work pants, and on a very full bus one day, it didn’t make it off the bus.

So I’ve been pedometer-less for months. I’d like to get a new one, but I have requirements now. It should clip to me (e.g. my pants or shoes) OR work in a pocket. It needs to be accurate, hopefully with little fussing about gait length or any of that. I just want to know how MANY steps, not how far they’ve taken me.

I really like this one from Omron, but it only works on Windows (booo… hissss…) and doesn’t ship to Canada.  I haven’t found anything similar yet that works on a Mac. The computer aspects aren’t SUPER important, but it would be a nice feature.

Any suggestions, helpful readers?


One Response to “Stuff: Pedometers”

  1. I need to find a good pedometer. The last one I had was a freebie, and the one before that was a cheapie. I could hear them clacking everytime I took a step, and it drove me batty. They were really good for helping me see how inactive I really was during a work day though!

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