Fifteen dollars.


One of my favourite websites has long been TomatoNation. Sars is hilarious, and her writing frequently makes me laugh so hard I think I might pee myself. I am no longer allowing myself to read her cat-related posts at work because they make me cry and squeak from trying to hold in the laughter.

Sars also runs a charity challenge benefiting DonorsChoose every so often. She always gives an incentive to her readers – last year she shaved her head, this year she’ll dance around in a tomato costume and much more.

Since October 1st, TN readers have raised over US$40 000. We’ve (yes, I donated!) raised money for computers, books, puppets, field trips, and much much more. Kids all over the US are going to benefit from Sars’ promise to dance around and go to work in a tomato costume.

To be honest, I’m bummed that DonorsChoose doesn’t extend beyond the US. International residents can still donate, but the kids and teachers getting helped will be in the US only. Canadians can add their province and postal code to the “city” box. Donations are in US dollars, but last I checked, the CDN dollar is stronger anyways!

So, dear readers, get your butts over to TomatoNation, have a read. I encourage you to donate – you can even choose which project gets your money! I gave my $15 to the iClassroom for Asperger’s project, which will keep iPods in a classroom to help kids with Asperger’s calm down after overstimulation. How neat is that?!

EDITED Thursday morning:  Wow, y’all. Just… wow. $60 000 in four days.  My faith in humanity has been restored after a shit week.


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