Today is September 23, 2007, also known as 100 days until New Year’s Eve.

I found the beginnings of a very neat site called Hundred Day Head Start yesterday. The site has just made some big changes to gear up for the next hundred days, so I’m interested to see what happens with it!

I’m also inspired to get going with my own hundred day head-start. The premise is that, instead of waiting for the new year to make a resolution, you do it. Now.

My hundred day head start goal is simple: minimum 30 minutes of exercise, every day, with a blog update every day. Doesn’t matter what it is, just that it IS; WiiSports, walking, Couch to 5K, Pilates, pushups and situps, biking, anything.

Today is Day 1 of 100, and so far, so good. Jill and I laced up and headed out to Pacific Spirit Park again, and spent 1h45min trail walking. We found a few really neat trails, including one that went down and up a small canyon, then along its western ridge. Who knew there was a small canyon at my university?

We’re going to try to do this most Sundays, although I’ll be away the next two Sundays. I definitely need some knew socks – I lost my good running socks, so the last two Sundays, I’ve used some generic sport socks, and both days they gave me a wicked blister on the third toe on my right foot. Ouch!

I also did my 10 push-ups and 50 ab exercises for the Biggest Loser challenge I’m in on 3FC.

So that was Day 1 of 100. Goal met for the day!


2 Responses to “1/100”

  1. Thank you for writing about this, Marianne.

    WiiSports is cool- the boxing kicks my butt!

  1. 1 Exercise » 1/100

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