QOTW: Don’t sit still.


“When you’re frightened, don’t sit still, keep on doing something. The act of doing will give you back your courage.” Grace Ogot

As I was going through my files of quotes last night, this struck me as the perfect one for this week.

The simple act of going to my doctor and getting the referral for these tests is (slowly) giving me back some courage and some motivation. I was terrified before I went in, and now that is easing off.

Whatever is going on is what it is, and I will deal with it. I am lucky to have a great support system, should it turn out to be something hard or life-changing. If it’s something minor, yippee!

My homework for the weekend is to figure out what I can do that will keep building up my courage, so I can face whatever my body is going through full on, major or minor.


One Response to “QOTW: Don’t sit still.”

  1. What a great take on this weeks theme. I am ready for some cool weather like that.

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