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Occasionally, I’ll be writing about the products I try or use in my quest for a healthier lifestyle. These are NOT provoked or supported by any of the companies whose products I may write about; they are simply things I’ve tried and either found useful or bunk. You can find previous product reviews under the tag “stuff.”

I cannot live without my agenda (daybook, planner, whatever you want to call it.) This morning I couldn’t find it and just about had a heart attack. Especially during school, my life is in my agenda. All my appointments, assignments, meetings, workouts, plans with friends, trips home, things to do, and notes to myself get written into this little book.

Right now I’m using “The Original Student Calendar” because it has nice big spaces for each day, broken into assignments, general study, and rest of life sections. One week gets a page spread, with space for to-do lists for the week and month at the top of the pages. Each week also gets an interesting quote. At the front of the book are pages for class timetables, and monthly calendars; the back of the book hosts space for phone numbers, notes, and budgeting.

Once school is over in December, I’ll either keep using this one, or switch to a Moleskine 2008 planner. The Moleskine one would certainly look more grown up, but lacks one key feature of my current planner – a spiral binding. That kind of binding allows me to fill my pages, without having to awkwardly write in the page gutter.

If you lead a busy life, especially if part of that busy life involves school, an agenda just might make it easier.


3 Responses to “Stuff: Agenda”

  1. 1 rhythmandthesea

    moleskine doesn’t have page gutter! it lies flat and is designed so you can write up to the very edge.

    moleskine ftw.

  2. 2 Laura

    I am using the exact same planner at you right now, and I love it. The spaces broken up for assignments, study, life are just what the innate over-organizer in me craves, so it helps keep me calm when my life gets so busy.

    I am a big fan of the agenda. Two thumbs up

  3. 3 practiceliving

    Cait – good to know! When I’ve looked at them, there’s always seemed to be that awkward bit down the middle.

    Laura – my agenda makes me go “ahhhh” in peace even when I’m going “AGGHHH” in stress. 😀

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